Dean Kopri
by on August 23, 2016 in

My name is Dean Kopri. I am working in a music school. How did you discover Nightwish? In 1998 when I heard them for the first time I felt a little alone, because my friends didn’t listen to that kind of music. I returned to Nightwish later, because my family is musicians and they liked to. Even my grandmother liked them. In my own compositions there is a big influence coming from metal music and of course Nightwish. Their music became literally a part of my life, from daily routines to celebrations, trips and even work. Because my students like Nightwish and we perform their music in different arrangements. How did you join to “Ocean Souls”? Two years ago I discussed with Plamen Dimov about to raise a bar of KIMAF and here agreed that I should create a group of selected musicians to perform Nightwish music. And we called ourself “Ocean Souls”. And since the last year’s perfomance was a success, we agreed on making a Kiteenarium show.

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