Jussi Saarinen
by on August 23, 2016 in

My name is Jussi Saarinen. It was about ten years ago, when I was working as a chef when I realized that this work wasn’t for me and I went to study music at the Folk High School in Paimio. After that I have been playing in many bands for example Metadonia. I have also always been interested in so called retro-games and when I found an application from my smart phone by which you can make pixel-graphic, I was instantly hooked and ended up doing that pixel-graphic work which is now on display here in Kitee-Sali during this festival. That work shows Tuomas standing on the Lake Kitee at wintertime. I didn’t know that much about his music and Nightwish until last year when I came here to participate this festival in Kitee for the first time. But then I found them here right on the spot where all those songs are created and I understood better the environment from which they come from. After that I have had many new experiences related to their music and to life in general.

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